‘I N V A G E N T S’ – A detective cyber-thriller

A 21st-century cyber-thriller to test your powers of detection, your nerve and to celebrate WordGames
by andie airfix

There’s NOWHERE Left To Hide …

Thaddeus sighed then suddenly his buoyancy returned. He looked less world-weary, younger, more vital – the bright light of enthusiasm shining once again in his eyes.

‘I’ll show you, agent Page,’ he said. ‘Let me introduce you to the GAME.’

On the vast screen a 3-D model of immense complexity slowly revolved. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Brightly-coloured glowing spheres spun around dazzling spectral suns. Each of the dozen miniature solar systems orbited a central vertical core constructed of thousands of threads of white light, weaving in and out of each other like fireflies. Glittering, golden dust-spirals floated randomly around the structure. Occasionally, from their centre, exquisite flares of light radiated outward. Intensifying in brightness they illuminated the core and the solar systems, as they passed them, in a smouldering dark-red glow.

“Holy Mother of God,” said Raymond Page. “What the FUCK is THAT?”

NEXT WEEK: The Story Revealed

– andie airfix


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