The Story Revealed

So …
It’s time to give you a brief outline of what’s to come in
‘ I N V A G E N T S ‘  … be prepared for a roller-coaster ride.

November 2042
In the Bahamas, Lincoln Hamilton suffers disturbing out-of-body experiences. In Kentucky, Thaddeus commits a terrible and shocking crime. Emerald Lake’s father is car-bombed as he drives into London, changing her life forever.

Lincoln, Thaddeus and Emerald are twelve years old.

Only when Sir Robert Maitland, a senior British minister, is assassinated in Mumbai nearly twenty years later, is it apparent the three events are connected …

November 2061
Catastrophic weather patterns cause chaos around the world; food and water wars rage; the Migrations begin as pandemics sweep across the southern hemisphere. An unholy Alliance between The Right Way – a Neo-con Christian fundamentalist group, Pharmacon – a global pharmaceutical company and a ruthless faction of the Chinese military, conspires to gain control of the world’s vital and severely depleted natural resources.

Thaddeus masterminds the conspiracy but has his own more terrifying agenda. Who can stop him commit genocide on an unprecedented scale?

Lincoln Hamilton is an Invagent. Employed by the International Bureau of Investigation, his psychic abilities allow him to conduct his investigations literally inside the minds of those who threaten global security. The Invagent is sent to Mumbai to find Thaddeus who has changed his identity and who the IBI are convinced has murdered Sir Robert Maitland.

Emerald Lake, also an IBI agent and the murdered minister’s neice, is sent to work with Hamilton in Mumbai. She discloses scandalous revelations of her uncle’s involvement in the virtual world of Sin.drome where clandestine meetings have taken place with the Alliance.

Raymond Page has worked as an IBI agent in Mumbai for over forty years. His methods are unconventional, chaotic and unpredictable but his brilliant powers of detection and his obsession with cryptology ensure he is selected as Head of Operations to find Sir Robert Maitland’s assassin and to expose Thaddeus and the Alliance. Murder, betrayal and revenge run riot in Mumbai’s notorious underworld of vice and corruption. The city becomes the focus of a war, organised in illegal virtual worlds, which will determine the survival or destruction of the human race.

Thaddeus begins his ‘GAME’. He taunts Hamilton, Page and Lake – sending coded messages and leaving cryptic clues at every opportunity – challenging the agents to discover the details of his deranged plan and his new identity. The clues are there but will they decipher them in time?

Raymond Page, Lincoln Hamilton and Emerald Lake must find and stop Thaddeus  – or billions of innocent people will be wiped off the face of the Earth.

© Andie Airfix 2009

We meet Lincoln Hamilton, Thaddeus and Emerald Lake.


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